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Malyna’s debuts

From an early age, Lysa Macri have had determination and ambition in her blood. Doing things differently is not a problem for her. Lysa stands out among her community and her companies by her desire of responsibility, her implication and her vision of greatness.
With Malyna, Lysa allows children, teenagers and adults to have access to quality products that they can eat quickly and without worry; no time wasted, for maximum nutrients and taste. The main ingredient in Malyna snacks?



Lysa’s father officially asks her to join Hydro Culture, a family business specializing in sprouting. Several years later, her sister Nancy joins her. This opportunity gives her a taste for entrepreneurship and inspires her to launch her own project in the nutrition field, a topic that excites her more than ever.


Wishing to start their own business, the two sisters finally decided to launch MALYNA PRODUCTS (Macri, Lysa, Nancy), a company working on creating and distributing healthy snacks. A lot of time is devoted to Hydro Culture, but the idea is launched!


Nancy and Lisa take over the Hydro Culture business and both become owners.


Following Nancy’s departure, who wanted to focus on new projects, Lysa now finds herself leading both companies. Malyna, being in constant expansion, Lysa’s head is filled with new ideas. She's now ready to realize her dream: to offer tasty, healthy and affordable snacks for all tastes!
As the world of nutrition is constantly evolving, creativity is necessary when it comes to developing new products. More than ever, consumers are looking for healthy foods that they can serve their families without worry, and that are fresh and tasty. With Malyna’s nuts and peanuts-free snacks and even some gluten-free ones, Macri takes up the challenge hands down. Her products are becoming more and more important in Quebecers lives, and it makes the entrepreneur extremely happy; after all, she does not only take pride in feeding people, it’s also her duty. Her innovative and unique solutions have made each of her products a must-have as well as new classic in our pantries.


In unity there is strength

A visionary, a trendsetter, and an accomplished leader, Lysa is responsible for the company's development and profitability. Her passion for healthy snacks was part of her life way before the market craze for healthy foods. A quote from her father that she shares with her team? “In life, we have two pockets: one to give, and the other to receive.” For Lysa, these words represent the importance of being a fair and equitable entrepreneur.
team leader
Nathalie is the oldest member of our team, not by her age, but by her years of service; she ensures operations related to production run smoothly. She is always smiling, persevering and involved. Everyone says: “If you want to get the real facts, go ask Nathalie!”
Executive Director
Marie-Chantal is an energetic leader with a formidable sharp mind and has ability to juggle all tasks that come their way. She ensure the smooth running of the company. Her favourite saying represents perfectly the woman she is: “Never give up!”
Operations Manager
Djamal ensures the smooth running and quality of production; in the team, he is considered a “miracle worker” who finds a solution to all pitfalls. According to him, “No matter what comes in our way, there is no problem! ”
Network & Marketing Manager
Johanne is in charge of computer network management and contributes to the development of corporate strategy. Her positive aura and enthusiasm represent the team spirit that lives in her. Her motto “Why not?”.
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